At Res Marina we provide conceptual design and detailed engineering for the Diving and Subsea industries. We are specialist in developing tailor-made solutions to meet specific client requirements, always focusing on operational efficiency and under the most stringent specifications.

Behind the design of our products there are decades of operational experience from our Diving and ROV partners. We worked in tight collaboration with them to address and solve all the technical and operational issues they faced while mobilising and operating their systems, and together we come up with state-of-the-art equipment for working subsea.

We can apply this experience and the ingenuity of our engineering team to assist our client to solve specific problems and satisfy their needs. Sometimes we do so by designing novel systems or pieces of equipment, sometimes we adjust the design of our standard systems to best match their requirements, other times we renew and upgrade their existing systems to make them safer, better performing, and more profitable.

All our products are designed and developed to meet IMCA requirements, and third party approval is usually achieved with ABS, RINA, LLOYD’S or DNV, as per client preference.