Saturation Diving Systems

Res Marina Modular Saturation Diving System was designed in accordance to ABS and Lloyd Register Standards and is fully compliant with IMCA D024 Guidelines.

Best transportation and fastest mobilisation for a real plug & play experience

Our Systems’ design draws to the best transportation and fastest mobilization experience as each module has ISO standard dimensions and subsystem connections between modules are very limited. Our costumers repeatedly mounted and function tested our Saturation Diving Systems in four to five days.

Compact and flexible design

Our engineers focused in optimising our system layout coming to innovative solutions. Our system can be easily be mounted for bell deployment through the moonpool or over the vessel side, adapting to the widest range of vessel breadth and moonpool sizes.

The standard configuration of our Saturation Diving Systems includes three 2200mm diameter chambers, one bell and one dedicated HRC or SPHL for a maximum 15 divers, and the complete system has a foot print on deck lower than 13m x 13m.

However, if you have specific requirement, our engineering team can design with you your tailor-made Saturation Diving System to satisfy your needs.

Limited Maintenance

We gathered many lessons learnt from our diving contractor partners to devise a system which is very reliable and requires very limited and easy maintenance. Our systems are continuously used in very remote areas and harsh environments, with excellent uptime percentages and minimum running costs.

"Calypso" Saturation Diving System