Hyperbaric Chambers

We provide a wide range of hyperbaric chambers for Air Diving, Saturation Diving and Medical Industry.

We are expertise in design, manufacturing and installation of such hyperbaric habitats; the complete outfitting of the chambers is performed by our technicians, ensuring the best quality control of the final product.

At Res Marina we have a few standard chamber design with CE approval and third party register certification, which we can fit into a 20 ft ISO container.

We can also design and fabricate tailor-made hyperbaric chambers to satisfy your specific needs. In order to meet specific client requirements, we often customised our standard product by modifying the following features:

  • overall dimensions,
  • pressure rating,
  • manholes and trunk connection,
  • supporting skeeds, frames or containers
  • internal and external accessories

Customised accessories can also be integrated into our standard pressure vessel models.