Diving & Subsea Equipment

Experience and Innovation

Behind the design of our products there are decades of operational experience from our Diving and ROV partners and innovative thinking and solutions from our engineering team.

Focus on Operational Efficiency

Our focus on the operational efficiency of our products drove our team to devise innovative solutions capable of:

  • Minimising mobilisation time and transportation costs
  • Maximising operational Safety, reliability, and Flexibility
  • Minimising maintenance and spare parts requirements




We offer a wide range of hyperbaric chambers for air diving, saturation diving and medical industry. more »

Saturation Diving System: best transportation and fast mobilization experience. more »

We have developed a new way of “thinking” the Hyperbaric Rescue Chambers

Quick Intervention Modules: integrated system to enable quick mobilization... more »

At Res Marina we provide conceptual design and detailed engineering for the Diving and Subsea industries. We are specialist in developing tailor-made solutions to meet specific client requirements, always focusing on operational efficiency and under the most stringent specifications. more »


At Res Marina we keep the entire manufacturing process under a strict quality control to ensure the best products in the shortest delivery time. All our technicians stand-out for their deep expertise and commitment to the product, following one product from its birth to the final delivery and commissioning. more »